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Shipping info

The express courier SDA is the solution wich guarantees the shortest delivery times (2 to 5 working days). If you want to be sure that the delivery is successful it is necessary for you to give us a phone number while you are registering, a mobile phone number if you have one, at wich you are available. It is necessary that name on the doorbell is easy to read and that it matches with the name of the recipient, and that someone is able to receive the package all throughout the day expected for the delivery. IF the courier doesn’t find anyone to whom they can deliver the package, they will leave a note wich will give you the info to contact them to plan the next delivery date. If the courier is not contacted after a missed delivery, the package will stay in their warehouse for no longer than 15 days after wich the package will be delivered back to us. If you want to ask again for the delivery of the product/s it will be necessary for you to repay the cost of transport plus an increase of the 60% of it.